Climate change is a complex, abstract and oft misunderstood topic made all the more difficult by the fact that changes in climate are global in nature and are not always visible or easy to attribute to a single cause. Communicating the urgency of climate change is particularly challenging.  Scientific facts and figures can overwhelm. Sometimes words are not enough. Climate Change Cafe seeks to inform, share and inspire action and debate on climate change through the visual medium of photography.

Climate Change Cafe aspires to instil the beauty and fragility of Nature in the viewer’s mind. I hope that these images can illustrate the environmental challenges faced by wildlife and ecosystems due to potential climate change impacts. I intend to record those of us who are active in campaigning for climate justice, policy change and fossil fuel divestment, as well as documenting the technological advances that are propelling us towards a low-carbon economy. Finally, I am particularly interested in portraying the tension between the man-made and natural landscape such as a wind farm on a mountain-top or along a rocky coast. I want to capture the very place where the wild and the tamed intersect.

All images displayed on this website belong exclusively to Climate Change Cafe (unless specifically stated). Please contact me if you would like permission to use any of them.

Shadowing wind