I step into the green

Swipe right in my mind

Push through the turnstile

Of oaks intertwined

Past the playground to

A workplace made mine

Alive, open, free

And of nature’s design


I raise my eyes up

To the ceiling tiled in leaf

With its beams of sunlight

Dappling carpet underneath

And smile to myself

At the beauty of a room

That inspires star architects

In attempts that are doomed


I draw a deep breath

Tank my lungs with fresh air

Get high on the scent of

Night orchid so rare

Nod greetings to all

Dog-owners and jays,

And squirrels and joggers

Going on their merry way


I plant myself down

On a bench of six planks

By a beech hedge partition

With a word of silent thanks

My hot-desk for the day

In an open-plan office

Where the aircon’s a breeze

And the walls green with mosses


And when I get lonely

For a chinwag or chat

I’ll talk to the magpies

They’re sociable like that

Or take a short wander

To the fountain down the way

For a water-cooler moment

With the sparrows as they bathe


And when I get stuck

With thoughts in a coil

I’ll gaze at an earthworm

Wriggling free from the soil

Recycling nutrients

Giving more than she takes

She’s not struggling with thoughts

She’s not fretting about aches


And when I get low

Feel anxious or sweaty

I’ll watch falling blossoms

Raining down like confetti

Reminding me to celebrate

All that I’ve achieved

Giving me a reason

To once more believe


And when I get tired

I’ll look down round my shoes

At the ants marching past

No time for a snooze

On the way to their nest

No sign of heels dragging

Lives full of meaning

Commitment unflagging


For if we’re to create

A workplace where we flourish

No better place to start

Than with all that we cherish

Allow ourselves to dream

Be inspired, see anew

Create a life worth living

In a place that is you