Down there amongst

The purple roots

Pushing through dirt

Lies the reason for

Why I was born


Remember the kid

Blowing fluffy white

Clouds on a breeze

Carrying a wish

No doubt too sweet


Honouring Our Pain


They called you weed

So I stamped you down

To green the lawn

And lift me up

Out of my pain


It hurts to know

I don’t belong

On manicured lawns

Or roadside verges

I’ll find my place


Seeing With New Eyes


You opened my eyes

Told me your name

Tooth of lion

You roared at me

Look at my leaves!


Greens for salad

Roots to brew tea

I’ll give you it all

Just don’t forget

I’m more than a weed


Going Forth


You told me to go

Forth on the breeze

Seed a new field

With hope and dreams

Braver new world


Wilted and bald

You’ve given it all

Shown me the way

Changed who I am

My warrior weed




Image Credit – Dori Midnight for The Work that Reconnects

This poem was inspired by the beautiful illustration of the lifecycle of a dandelion shown here. I also want to give an honourable mention to Eveline Tijs who led a four-part workshop I attended on The Work that Reconnects in the summer of 2021.

The Work That Reconnects, based on the teachings of Joanna Macy, unfolds as a spiral journey through four stages: Coming from Gratitude, Honoring our Pain for the World, Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth. Each of these stages leads naturally to the next. The journey helps us experience first hand that we are larger, stronger,  more creative – and more deeply interconnected  with ourselves, with others and with Nature – than we know.